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Viagra Soft – buy pills, price, instructions, reviews

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Viagra Soft – buy pills, price, instructions, reviews
“Buy Viagra Soft in an online pharmacy at a low price, drug reviews, instructions for the use of Viagra Soft, buy online”

Viagra Soft


Viagra Soft


Sildenafil 100mg


Each tablet contains: 100 mg of Sildenafil
Action time: up to 4 hours
Start of action: in 15-20 minutes
Active ingredient: Sildenafil (Sildenafil)
Manufacturer: India
Taste: Bitter
Description:  Viagra Soft is an improved form of ordinary Viagra, due to the fact that Viagra Soft is absorbed under the tongue, it became possible to use it with alcohol and fatty foods.
Mode of application:  The action of Viagra begins 15 minutes after admission and lasts at least 4 hours. Most patients can take Viagra daily. Soft tablets dissolve under the tongue, which makes alcohol and fatty foods possible.



Buy Viagra Soft



Viagra Soft is used to increase potency and treat erectile dysfunction, which is caused by vascular disorders. Tablets increase blood flow to the penis, resulting in an erection becomes stronger, more stable and longer.
Deciding to buy Viagra Soft you will not regret, because the drug works better than regular Viagra. The tablet does not need to drink water, just put it under the tongue and wait until it dissolves. The drug tastes good, so you have the impression that you are dissolving the candy. In this lies a strong psychological effect – you will forget about your problem and be able to fully relax.
Another reason to buy Viagra Soft is the rapid action of the active substance, the improved formula begins to act within 15 minutes after ingestion. The tool can be used together with fatty foods and alcoholic beverages, which is absolutely not recommended to do with other tablets. Nothing else can stop you from having a full romantic evening. And besides, Viagra Soft in an online pharmacy is no more expensive than regular Viagra!


Before looking for where to buy Viagra Soft pills, and in which pharmacy of your city it will be cheaper, you need to familiarize yourself with the features of the drug and the available contraindications.
The main active ingredient is sildenafil, which facilitates the entry of blood into the blood vessels of the penis. Within 4-5 hours your erekilnaya function will be restored, at the same time, the drug will not cause an erection, if you do not feel sexual arousal. Tablets can be taken regularly, but not more than once a day.
You should not take the tool after 65 years in the case of serious disorders of the liver and kidneys, problems with the cardiovascular system, leukemia, or existing abnormal changes in the shape of the penis.
Buy Viagra Soft cheap you can from us. We offer only original products that have passed all clinical trials and proved not only their effectiveness, but also their safety. The drug does not accumulate in the body, so you should not be afraid of getting used to the pills.
Many men are interested in how much is Viagra Soft. The cost of the drug in pharmacies and online stores can vary significantly, not to mention the fact viagra side effects that the price of the world famous counterpart Viagra is several times higher.
Price Viagra Soft in our pharmacy is more than affordable. Soft option is a profitable and optimal solution that will allow you to forget about the problems with potency.
For every full-fledged man, rich and unlimited sexual relationships are an essential element of life. Through intercourse, a person receives pleasure and satisfaction. The quality of sex life determines the harmonious and long-lasting relationship between spouses and partners.
People identify sex with self-confidence, recognition of his victories. An honorary place among the drugs that help to return the pleasure of intimate intimacy and treat complications in erectile function, take Viagra Soft analog tablets.
Viagra Soft is a topical remedy that restores erectile disorders in men. The substance of the main action is sildenafil, which most effectively and safely affects erectile functioning.
To Viagra Soft began to function, you need sexual desire and arousal. The principle of the functioning of the tool is based on the increase in blood flow to the reproductive organ, which activates a natural erection. Panacea Viagra Soft acts primarily on the natural processes of sexual arousal.


The mechanism of drug action



When used orally, the tablet begins to function after 20 minutes. In view of the individual characteristics of any person, the remedy begins to function no longer than 40 minutes. The duration of the process is from 4 to 6 hours. Tablets are recommended to drink with plain water.
Manufacturers advise taking the drug before meals, on an unwashed stomach. Similarly, it will act instantly. Viagra Soft should be recommended to take in case of sexual intercourse. To use the drug in order to strengthen the erection more than 1 tablet per day is contraindicated.
Viagra Soft activates a localized rush of blood in the masculinity of manhood. The drug does not contribute to an increase in sexual desire and increase libido, and also has no relation to the means with a stimulating effect.
The drug is recommended for males who suffer from erectile dysfunction. Sources of ailments can be a variety of reasons. For example, the destruction of blood capillaries and receptors of the male organ.
Viagra Soft for a certain time activates the male force for a period of intimate communication and causes a rise in strength, but does not cure impotence.


Descriptive characteristic



The exact name is Viagra Soft (Viagra Soft), and in international pharmacology – Sildenafil. Pharmacology of the drug is expressed as an inhibitor of phosphodiesterase V type. Viagra Soft is produced in the form of tablets. They have a blue tint and have a convex and diamond shape. The edges of the tablets are smooth and rounded.
Dissolving pills, the active substances penetrate into the blood through the inner surface of the mouth. Due to the rapid dissolution of the substance have an effect in a short time and efficiently. On the front side of the package there is an engraved inscription “Pfitzer”, in the opposite place – VGR 25, VGR 50, VGR 100. The package may contain from 10 tablets to 100, their number depends on the size of the blister.
Generic tablets have a pleasant, moderately sweet taste, so their use is comparable to the resorption of candy or pills. The release form of the dragee and its use creates the impression of a candy, rather than a serious medicament, which fights disorders of sexual function. A powerful psychological effect lies in this phenomenon.


Drug components



The main element of the composition is sildenafil citrate. In tablets, it is contained in the following proportions: 25 ml, 50 ml, 100 ml. Minor substances are represented as calcium hydrogen phosphate, magnesium stearate, MCC, croscarmellose sodium.
The surface shell consists of the following substances: lactose, hypromellose, titanium dioxide, triacetin and aluminum varnish from the food additive E132 or indigo carmine.
If the tablets have a bluish tint, then they contain vanillin and vitamin biotin. They are contained in the drug in a small dose – from 0.75 to 3.0 μg. The tool includes additional substances that can enhance the effective result of sildenafil.


In which cases the use of the drug is allowed?



Viagra Soft exists to cure physiological, psychological and heterogeneous disorders of erectile function, mild impotence in men, as well as the disease – pulmonary hypertension. The tool has the result only in the case of the existence of sexual libido and desire. The drug is characterized by an increase in the erection of the male organ and the extension of pleasure from intimacy.
It is recommended to consume the drug in a concentration of 50 ml. Apply the drug should be an hour before the start of sexual intercourse. Given the effective properties of the drug, the concentration may increase or decrease. The effectiveness of Viagra Soft begins with the use of a dose of 25 mg. The allowed concentration limit is 100 mg.
Men in years and people with disorders of the functioning of the kidneys and liver, can apply the tool without fear.


Viagra Soft Tablets



Who is not recommended to take pills?


Overdose or misuse of daily concentration can be a source of adverse effects. Viagra Soft has a certain list of contraindications. Negative manifestations occur occasionally or in isolated cases.
The use of tablets is not advised to persons who have heart and kidney diseases, cirrhosis of the liver, cardiac arrhythmia, penile deformity, as well as to persons with individual component intolerance and high / low pressure.
Nitric oxide may have negative effects on metabolic processes. As a result, Viagra Soft enhances the negative effects of nitrate substances. For this reason, the use of the drug is contraindicated for people who use drugs, which include substances such as nitrate compounds or nitric oxide compounds.
Also, the use of Viagra Soft is partially recommended for men whose age has exceeded 60 years, due to the fact that their body is most sensitive to negative phenomena. For people in years, it is recommended to use a single dose of the drug in two days.
It is not recommended to use the drug for men who suffered a stroke and myocardial infarction in the next six months. It is strictly forbidden to take funds for women and adolescents who have not reached the age of majority.


The positive side of Viagra Soft



This drug is an indispensable, effective and high-quality tool. The ecological situation and the modern rhythms of life violate the sexual harmony of even the most healthy and strong men.
Generic optimally combines high quality and reasonable price. The main positive point of Viagra Soft is one hundred percent and high-quality achievement of erection, as well as the immediate effect of the drug after it is used. The action of the drug is carried out naturally, directly on sexual urge and arousal.
Today, you can buy the drug without much effort and problems. Viagra Soft can be purchased at the first available pharmacy or in the online store that sells generics and drugs. Online – the store allows you to become the owner of miraculous pills without leaving the house, which allows you to significantly save time and effort.
Due to the fact that medicinal substances do not penetrate into the stomach in their original form, but are absorbed into the blood, if used, it is possible to drink alcoholic beverages in small quantities and eat high-calorie food. For other similar drugs, it is strongly discouraged.
Viagra Soft is the perfect solution if you plan a romantic dinner. By taking it inside, you can safely eat your favorite food and drink alcoholic beverages. For 4-6 hours, an erection will have its strength, despite the abundance of absorbed food and sipped drinks. But a positive result will take place when sexual arousal comes. Without sexual urge and stimulation, the drug alone will not work.
After the end of sexual intercourse, the male organ takes a relaxed look. And with the same inclination a healthy erection will be observed. Having taken the drug, a specific hormone that regulates sexual desire occurs in the brain of the head.
Generic Viagra Soft can affect minor causes of lack of erection. Using the medication, there is no irritation of the inner surface of the stomach. A small pill disappears under the tongue after 15 minutes, at the end of the resorption time the man can feel a rush of blood to the genital organ.
The constant use of Viagra Soft does not reduce the quality of intimate intimacy. The drug has a positive effect at the first and secondary use. After using the tablet, the number of sexual relations is determined by the physiological state of the organism, therefore it is an individual property of any person.
A generic has no effect on reproductive ability, that is, on a man’s inclination to conceive a child. It does not have a negative impact on spermatozoa and their mobility, and will not affect future offspring.


Male potency after taking Viagra Soft



When sexual desire arises, blood rushes to the reproductive organ to a greater extent than usual. Due to the influx of blood, the penis becomes hard and enlarges in size. The physiological process is called erection. After the cessation of sexual intercourse, the blood decreases backward and the erection disappears.
If there is a prolonged erection, which is accompanied by more than 6 hours, then you need to resort to consultation with a doctor. A long lasting erection may adversely affect the sexual organ.
Erectile dysfunction may occur due to the presence of certain ailments, as well as the use of specific medications. For these reasons, blood circulation is insufficient, so an erection will not occur. In this situation, erectile disorder occurs.
During the period of intimate closeness, the heart begins to function in an enhanced rhythm, so men who have irregularities in the work of the heart must abandon sexual relations. With such problems, urgent and timely treatment is necessary.


If there are sexual dysfunctions, including erectile dysfunction, it is necessary to immediately seek treatment for a specialist. And be sure to address the treatment of cardiovascular diseases, since the heart must cope with increased loads during sexual intercourse.
Also, be sure to visit a specialist if during intimacy felt pain in the chest, dizziness and nausea. No need to lower the situation at an arbitrary resolution, since ignoring ailments can be a source of deplorable state of the whole organism. And no medicine, and medicine can not help.


Viagra Soft Price



What side effects can occur?


Side effects when using generic Viagra Soft appear much less frequently than when using a typical drug Viagra. Most often, men are treated with a disorder of the gastrointestinal tract, migraines and hypertension, which is accompanied by flushing of the face and neck.
Dizziness, allergic intolerance in the form of rashes and redness, as well as nasal congestion may appear in a slight degree. Sometimes the drug may be accompanied by a runny nose, a violation of the clarity of perception of visual objects, painful photosensitivity.
If, after consuming the medication, there is a side effect, then it is just necessary to go to the attending doctor as a matter of urgency. Most men do not emphasize redness, migraines, and small rashes. Ignoring even the most minor side effects can cause the development of the disease. No need to expose your body to danger.
If an overdose occurred, then you may encounter a situation where a long-term stable erection does not weaken for 6 hours or more. This phenomenon should alert, and it is better to stop taking the drug for an indefinite time. To find out the cause of the continuing erection, you must ask the doctor for medical help.
It should be noted that the generic Viagra Soft will not cure impotence, but only for a certain period of time will cause an erection. A generic is not able to eliminate existing circulatory disorders of the penis.


Does Viagra Soft increase sexual desire?



Viagra Soft can affect mainly the local increase in the rush of blood to the reproductive organ, and it does not increase the slightest sexual desire. Generic does not cause sexual desire in men and does not have a stimulating effect.


Do I need to consult with experts on the use of the drug?



To begin using the drug, it is recommended to consult a sex therapist or urologist. You can conduct a comprehensive examination of the body to exclude the presence of contraindications. Referring to a cardiologist and therapist will help ensure that there are no cardiovascular diseases.
If there are any ailments with the kidneys, liver, then you should immediately contact the appropriate doctor. It is undesirable to use the drug without consulting a specialist if there are chronic diseases.


Long term reception of funds



In the study and testing tools have not been established any baseline data that the long-term use of tablets can provoke negative phenomena. The available information currently makes it possible to use the tool, both for a single, as well as for multiple gain erections.


The effect of the active components of the drug on healthy men



The content in the blood of sildenafil in a person who is in good health can slightly accelerate the resumption of erection after sexual intercourse. There is a period of refractoriness. The recovery stage occurs after each sexual activity and is determined by the absence of an erection for a certain period of time.
The tool can be used by men in years who lead a busy life and have no contraindications to use. But before using the medication it is necessary to take into account one important point – this is the general condition of the cardiovascular system.
If during physical activities (brisk walking, climbing stairs, etc.), ailments in the heart area are periodically felt, in this case, you should consult a cardiologist before using the drug.


Distinctive features of generic Viagra Soft



The improved analog is a modified and improved analog of the well-known drug Viagra. Generic is not an aphrodisiac and does not have a hormonal effect.
The action of the drug occurs only during the period of sexual arousal, and is not caused by the desires of the man. Consequently, from the use of this tool the appearance of an unplanned erection is completely excluded. The drug activates an erection much faster than the classic version of Viagra. The positive effect begins approximately after 20-30 minutes.
The duration of an erection after using Viagra Soft can reach 4-6 hours. One pill you just need to put under the tongue and dissolve until thorough dissolution. And also a generic is perfectly combined with any food and alcohol-containing beverages. There are no obvious restrictions on the use of alcohol and your favorite food when using the medication.
The possibility of simultaneous use of the drug, alcohol and high-calorie foods is explained by the following processes occurring in the body after the tablet enters the blood. In the sublingual oral cavity there is a huge amount of the smallest capillaries and receptors, located in close proximity to the mucous membrane of the tongue.
Consequently, the microparticles of the drug are quickly picked up by the blood circulation and instantly enter the man’s body. Thanks to this method of taking the pill, you can not restrain yourself neither in food nor in alcoholic beverages.


Instructions for use



Basic Precautions


In order to diagnose negative changes in erectile function, determine their possible sources and choose an effective method of treatment, you need to undergo a thorough examination and physical examination, as well as collect all medical information and anamnesis.
Activity in the sexual life may exhibit certain threats in the case of cardiovascular diseases. Therefore, before proceeding with the drug treatment of erectile disorder, a specialist should appoint a comprehensive examination.
Medicines that are made to cure erectile dysfunction should be used with the greatest caution to people with anatomical abnormalities of the reproductive organ. Viagra Soft should be used with care by men who are prone to the occurrence of priapism pathology.
Medicines that are intended to cure erectile dysfunction should not be used by men with health problems.
The effectiveness and safety of Viagra Soft in combination with other substances that are designed to cure erectile disorders, has not been studied and has not been considered. Therefore, to avoid unpredictable consequences, the use of such a combination of medicines is contraindicated.
Viagra Soft has no effect on the duration of bleeding, including the use of the drug in combination with aspirin or acetylsalicylic acid. The study of blood cells suggests that its main component, sildenafil, increases the antiaggregatory effect of nitric oxide.
Data on the safety of Viagra Soft for people with diseases that are accompanied by bleeding and exacerbation of the ulcer, was not found. In such circumstances, patients with gastric ulcer should use the drug Viagra Soft with the utmost caution.
Also, the use of Viagra Soft should be carried out with caution to individuals who suffer from genetic retinitis pigmentosa or genetic retinal dysfunction.
Pharmacological features. Generic Viagra Soft is a well-known oral medication designed to cure erectile disorders. He renews the lost erection and makes it possible to have a response urge to sexual desire. A somatic device for an erection of the reproductive organ is shown by the release of oxide nitrogen into the muscle tissues of the reproductive organ in case of stimulation and attraction.
Nitric oxide at the same time activates the enzyme compound guanylate cycpase, which contributes to the quantitative growth of cyclic guanosine monophosphate, as well as the relaxed state of muscle tissue and the intensification of blood flow to the reproductive organ.
The main component – sildenafil is a selective and powerful inhibitor of the 5th type of specific phosphodiesterase. The abbreviated name of the substance is FDE5. Sildenafil is responsible for the splitting of cGMP in the void body of the reproductive organ. Viagra Soft has a peripheral effect on male erection.
The substance sildenafil does not directly have a relaxing effect on the void body of the penis, but dynamically increases the atonic effect of oxide nitrogen on muscle tissue. If you activate the cGMP inhibitor, which is manifested by physiological arousal, the decline of PDE5, produced under the action of sildenafil, is a source of increased levels of nitroprusside in the tricky body of the reproductive organ.
The appearance of a favorable pharmacological effect of Viagra Soft is possible after stimulation of the sexual organ. With a single use of the drug Viagra Soft at a dosage rate of 25 mg to 100 mg in healthy subjects, the remedy did not provoke clinical deviations in the electrocardiogram.
With the maximum decrease in the upper blood pressure in the supine position in the case of the ingestion of the drug inside a dosage of 100 mg is approximately 8.4 mm Hg. Accordingly, with a maximum decrease in the lower blood pressure in the supine position is 5.5 mm Hg. The pressure decreases due to the vasodilating action of sildenafil. This process is explained by the possible increase in the level of cGMP in the vascular muscle tissue.
The drug Viagra Soft does not impair the state of visual acuity and contrast of perception of the organs of vision. With the help of Farnsworth-Munsell 100 testing, in some of the subjects after receiving the maximum dose of the drug, an instantly dissipating disorder was detected in the mild form of distinguishing the blue-green range of hues. After two hours after using the tool, these changes completely disappeared.
Disorganization of color vision is possible due to the inhibition of PDE6, which is involved in the process of light perception by the retina of the eye. An analytical examination in Vitro revealed that the effective effect of sildenafil on type 6 PDE is 10 times less dynamic and effective compared to PDE5. The result of the study indicates the activity of sildenafil on PDE5, which is thousands of times greater than its intensity in relation to the other phosphodiesterase isoforms.
The effectiveness of sildenafil on phosphodiesterase type 5 overlaps its effectiveness in comparison with PDE3,000 times. Type 3 phosphodiesterase promotes cardiac muscle contraction.


Clinical studies: additional information



To study the effectiveness and safety of the drug Viagra Soft, studies were conducted in the form of 21 randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind studies. The experiment lasted almost 6 months.
During testing, Viagra Soft was used by 3,000 men who had erectile disorders of various origins, such as organic, psychological, and mixed. The age category of subjects: from 19-year-old boys to 87-year-old men.
To determine the effectiveness of the drug on a general basis, a diary, erection registration, an international index of erectile function, which is a questionnaire for evaluating erection, as well as interviews of subjects and their partners, were used.
The effectiveness of the drug Viagra Soft, evaluating the ability of the drug to promote the onset and further preservation of erection, which would be sufficient for committing intimate intimacy, was witnessed in all types of studies. The positive effect and the result has been preserved with a long-term cure for one year.
The subjects noted an improvement in erectile function by using a fixed concentration of the drug in the following progression:

  • taking 25 mg of the drug – an improvement in 62% of subjects;

  • 50 mg of the drug – a positive effect in 74% of men;

  • 100 mg – positive dynamics in 82% of patients.


When taking placebo pills, only 25% of the subjects achieved an improvement in erectile function. The results of the experiment showed that the drug Viagra Soft improves not only the erectile function, but also the sensation of orgasm, satisfaction with intimacy.
In studies, the number of men with the disease – diabetes mellitus, noted a positive trend from the use of Viagra Soft, was 59%.
43% of men who underwent radical prostatectomy, as well as 83% of subjects with spinal cord injuries, noted an improvement in erectile function. When taking placebo tablets, these data are 16%, 15%, 12%, respectively.


Viagra Soft: pharmacokinetic properties



Pharmacokinetic properties include the rate of absorption of the drug, its distribution, metabolic processes and removal from the body.
Viagra Soft is absorbed in a short time. The concentration of the drug in the blood from ingestion on an unwashed stomach reaches a maximum effect for 20–120 minutes, and the average value is noted at 60 minutes.
The total bioavailability of Viagra Soft is approximately 41%. The availability interval has the following percentages: from 25% to 63%. After using Viagra Soft tablets from 25 mg to 100 mg, pharmacokinetics is linear. After consuming the drug in combination with a high-calorie meal, the rate of absorption of the active substance decreases to a small extent.
The volume fraction of the distribution of the underlying component – sildenafil in a static arrangement is approximately 105 liters, which means its dispersal in the muscles of the reproductive organ. The main substance of sildenafil, the circulating M-desmethyl metabolite, is 96% bound to blood proteins.
The total concentration of the drug Viagra Soft does not depend on its connection with proteins. In healthy subjects who were subjected to the study, the concentration of the drug – 0.0002% was determined in the seed after 1.5 hours from using the product. With a single use of 100 mg found 188 ng.
The substance sildenafil is concentrated exclusively under the action of CYP3A4, as the main route, and CYP2C9, as an additional, in the microsomal liver isoenzyme. Based on the selectivity of the effects on phosphodiesterase, the metabolite is commensurate with the substance sildenafil. Its intensification to type 5 PDE compiles approximately 50% than the intensity of the drug itself.
The concentration of the metabolite in the blood is approximately 40%, than the concentration of sildenafil in it. Substance M-desmethylmetabolite undergoes further metabolism. The final half-life of the substance is about 4 hours.
The period of removal of sildenafil from human blood is 41 liters per hour. The maximum half-life is up to 5 hours. After a period of time from ingestion or by intravenous administration, the substance is eliminated to a greater extent, forming metabolites (almost 80% of the consumed dose) with feces and to a lesser extent (less than 20%) with urine.


Generic Interaction with Other Drugs



The combination of various drugs with Viagra Soft does not affect or affects to a small extent the properties of each other.


Impact of drugs on the properties of Viagra Soft



In the experiment In Vitro, the substance sildenafil is metabolized mainly under the influence of ZA4 isoforms, as the main method and 2C9, as a secondary method, and cytochrome P450. From which it follows that inhibitors of these isoenzymes can reduce the time of removal of substances from the body.
During the In Vivo experiment, it turned out that 800 mg of cimetidine is a nonspecific CYP3A4 inhibitor. When used simultaneously with Viagra Soft in healthy subjects, it caused an increase in the content of sildenafil by 56%. A population-based pharmacokinetic study of the clinical findings revealed a decline in the elimination of sildenafil in combination with CYP3A4 inhibitors in the form of erythromycin, ketoconazole, and cimetidine. The number of unwanted symptoms in volunteers did not increase.
A single use of antacid – magnesium or aluminum hydroxide did not affect the bioavailability of Viagra Soft. After obtaining results in a population pharmacokinetic study, inhibitors of CYP2C9 in the form of tolbutamide, and warfarin, CYP2D6 — selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, tricyclic antidepressants, did not cause changes in the properties of sildenafil.


Impact of generic on other medicines



During the In Vitro experiment, it was observed that the substance Sildenafil is a minor inhibitor of cytochrome enzyme isoforms. In a fixed dosage, the limiting content of sildenafil in the blood will be approximately 1 μmol. Consequently, Viagra Soft has the ability to affect the period of excretion of metabolites of these isoenzymes in the least degree.
In the In Vivo experiment, it was found that there was no indication of a significant combination with 250 mg of tolbutamide or 40 mg of warfarin, which are concentrated in CYP2C9. Viagra Soft at a dosage of 50 mg when used together with aspirins at a dosage of 150 mg is not a source of bleeding.


Viagra Soft concentration of 50 mg did not exacerbate the hypotensive effects of alcohol on the body of the test. At the limiting level of alcohol in the blood, approximately 80 mg / dp, the effect of the drug is insignificant.
For men with arterial hypertension, undesirable symptoms of combining the drug Viagra Soft with amlodipine were not observed. The accompanying deviation in blood pressure in the case of a single use of the drug by subjects in the supine position is bordered by 8 mm Hg.
The analytical review of data on the safety of the drug is characterized by the lack of distinctive features in side effects and effects in men who received simultaneous treatment with Viagra Soft and antihypertensive drugs.
Generic Viagra Soft had a strengthening effect on the hypotensive properties of nitrates in single use and for long-term use. Consequently, the simultaneous use of Viagra Soft and nitrates, as well as donators of oxide nitrogen is strictly prohibited.


Ophthalmology Research



During the study of the ophthalmic area, a small group of subjects who took Viagra Soft at a concentration of 100 mg with the main component, sildenafil, an hour later from use, noted a slight degree of impairment in the ability to distinguish the blue-green color gamut. After two hours, the manifestations dissipated.
According to pharmacists, this violation depends on the inhibition of phosphodiesterase type 6. This enzyme is involved in the light processes of the retina. During the experiment, the following was fixed: the substance sildenafil does not have the slightest effect on the perception of contrast, intraocular pressure, degree of visual acuity, and on the electroretinogram or the diametral size of the pupil of the eye.
Using a blind placebo-controlled experiment revealed that the subjects who consumed the substance Sildenafil at a concentration of 100 mg, not detected clinically significant deviations of the quality of visual function.
The safety and effect of Viagra Soft on the organs of vision have been studied using several types of studies. In particular, a placebo-controlled experiment that lasted six months.
The study involved 3,000 men who are obsessed with disorders in the sexual sphere, namely, erectile dysfunction. The age of the subjects begins from 19 years and ends with 87 years. All men confirmed that sildenafil is effective, has a positive result and does not aggravate the visual function.


Pharmacokinetic properties of the drug in specific groups of patients



Special groups of sick people mean people of honorable age, as well as men who have acute renal and hepatic failure.
Older men
In healthy men, whose age exceeds 65 years, the drug is significantly reduced, and the content of free substance sildenafil in the blood plasma is almost 40% higher than the level of the substance in the blood of healthy young subjects, whose age range varies from 19 to 45 years.
But in addition to the slower elimination of the drug, the analysis of safety data suggests that age differences do not have a direct impact on the number of adverse side effects.
Men who have kidney failure
In subjects who suffer from mild kidney disease, the elimination of sildenafil is approximately 50-80 milliliters per minute, and in men with moderate renal failure, the elimination period is 30-49 milliliters per minute. The study was conducted with the use of 50 mg of Viagra Soft, while the pharmacokinetics did not change.
In men with acute renal failure, the period of creatinine excretion is 30 milliliters per minute. The decrease in the clearance of the substance sildenafil led to an increase in AUC to 100% and Cmax to 88%. The information was compared with men who are age appropriate, but who do not have impaired renal function.
Men who have functional disorders of the liver
In subjects who are ill with cirrhosis of the liver, the elimination period of sildenafil decreased, due to which the AUC and Stach indices increased to 84% and 47%, respectively. The indicators of two groups of subjects of the same age category were compared, but divided into the group of healthy men and the group of subjects with abnormalities in the functioning of the liver.


Generic Viagra Soft Cost



The retail price for a generic drug is determined by the form of the drug release and the number of tablets in a package. Viagra Soft is 2-3 times cheaper than its world-famous counterpart Viagra. The average market price for a means to increase potency in pharmacies and on-line stores is different at times from similar drugs.
Many sellers offer the opportunity to purchase miraculous tablets at a discount, which is determined by the volume of the order. The larger the packaging, the lower the cost of each tablet. Buying Viagra Soft is a profitable and optimal solution that consists in a stable and long-lasting result for a reasonable fee.


Expiration date and storage conditions of the drug Viagra Soft


Generic Viagra Soft has passed all clinical trials, tested for efficacy and safety. The drug is manufactured in India by the pharmaceutical company CIPLA Ltd. The maximum shelf life since the release of the tablets is 2 years. After the expiration date, the drug must be disposed of, as its use may be harmful to health. An expired drug can cause poisoning.
It is necessary to store the drug in a darkened room at a temperature of not more than + 30 ° C. But the storage temperature should not be less than + 15 ° C, since the detrimental effect of the cold can cause the tablets to become unusable. Before using generic Viagra Soft, it is imperative to check the expiration date and storage, which is listed on the package. Keep the tool must be out of the reach of young children.
Moisture, dampness and hot temperatures affect the drug destructively, so you need to carefully monitor where Viagra Soft is stored. It is not recommended to keep the drug in a sunny place.