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Natural Bodybuilding – bodybuilding for beginners

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Natural Bodybuilding – PRO-KACH – bodybuilding for testobolin beginners


1 What is the difference between a natural bodybuilder and a chemist?

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for bodybuilder

1.2 Nutrition for a Natural Bodybuilder

1.3 the Problem of assimilation of food

Bodybuilding : Nutrition Tips For A Great Body – Fitness and Power

1.4 Variety of pharmacy enzymes

2 Full video about natural bodybuilding by Denis Borisov

What is the difference between a natural bodybuilder and a chemist?

Globally, they differ in the impact on the DNA of their cells. Both in the first and in the second case, activation of certain structures in our genome associated with protein synthesis occurs, information is copied related to protein synthesis, and then synthesis occurs in these very cells.

In a natural bodybuilder, this process goes to a much smaller extent than that of a chemist. Because in the first and in the second case, the process is started with the help of anabolic hormones released under the influence of training stress. In a natural bodybuilder, the amount of hormones is very strongly limited by his physiology, and the chemist has no such limitations except his finances.

Therefore, it turns out that a natural bodybuilder has much less opportunity for progress. First of all, the quantity and quality of growth is much less than that of a chemist due to the limited amount of anabolic hormones. And in the second case, reaching a certain natural ceiling – the progress will stop altogether, because a natural bodybuilder will not produce more than a certain physiological amount of hormones.

In order to solve these two problems, we can increase the volume of the lungs, if a person reaches a certain physiological limit, his further progress is limited by the amount of anabolic hormones – testosterone.

We either take a new breath, and fill our lungs with a new amount of oxygen, or we increase each individual breath in volume in order to fill our blood with more anabolic hormones.

This is done so that we have a progression of loads. When you have a progression of loads, training weights increase, it will guarantee you the production of the right amount of hormones under the action of training stress. It is extremely important for a natural bodybuilder to use the progression of loads, to constantly increase training weights.


Lack of stress, the production of anabolic hormones, most often associated with the wrong selection of exercises and improper training. And even when people train for a very long time, it is too terrible stress for our body, unless of course you use anabolic hormones, and accordingly in such a situation, the gains stop, and the person gets overtraining of the muscles.

We have two things – we need to achieve the correct training load of a high release of anabolic hormones when exposed to the right stress and what is sustanon 350 must minimize the total duration of the load in order not to injure its endocrine glands, which simply cannot cope with too much time stress.

In practice, we know that the more complex, the more muscles it includes, the more such an exercise leads to greater stress and a brighter release of anabolic hormones.

That is why everyone for so long and diligently recommends you to do basic exercises. Such exercises better grow body weight, because the more complex an exercise, the more muscles it includes during its execution – the more stressful such an exercise and the greater release of stress hormones it results. Then the subsequent defensive reaction turns on and anabolic hormones are released. And accordingly, we have a greater increase in strength and mass.

From this it follows that the natural bodybuilder should not perform any isolating exercises, the first 1 – 2 years of the hand can not swing in principle. Perform only heavy basic exercises that involve large muscle groups – traction, presses, squats.

Why does everyone say: “squat exercise No. 1 for pumping the total mass”, because the largest number of muscle groups work in squats, this is the biggest stress that leads to the largest release of anabolic hormones, which is very important for natural bodybuilders and not so important for chemists, because they prick artificial hormones. There should be no simulators, no isolating exercises.

The longer your training is, the greater the stress and the greater the chance that the stress will be excessive. Such excessive stress will be too difficult for the body to digest it quickly and you will achieve some gain in strength and mass, such excessive stress will most likely lead to a negative result and instead of muscle growth you will reach overtraining of muscles (progress will stop, you will feel bad , you will not want to train).

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Because progress is associated with the release of anabolic hormones. In our country, the amount of anabolic hormone release is related to the level of stress, when we reach a certain physiological ceiling, our body simply cannot produce more anabolic hormones in response to a certain stress. Having reached such a physiological limit, a person stops in his performance, and here there are two main decisions:

Increase the volume of your lungs (hormone production)

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Reduced workout time (30 – 60 minutes)

Nutrition for a Natural Bodybuilder

The most important rule is to achieve excess calories, it sounds very simple, but in fact it has a very deep meaning. Very often, people who begin to engage in are trying to solve two opposing tasks – to achieve anabolism (add muscle mass) and catabolism (getting rid of subcutaneous fat) – at the same time. Even with chemistry, it is very difficult to achieve.

With an excess of calories, let you gain some fat, but with it you are guaranteed to gain muscle mass.

Excess calories is best obtained from the right food – animal proteins (fish, meat, poultry, eggs, dairy products). Carbohydrates – best of all complex – rice, buckwheat, vermicelli. You can not eat fast carbohydrates, but they are very many carbohydrates, but they lead to a large release of insulin which can lead to a more pronounced deposition of fat on your body.

The problem of assimilation of food

anabolic hormones Original pictures taken from the site {}

Very often, the problem that people face is the problem of digestion of food, a person can eat a lot, but injectable sustanon 250 for sale the anabolic response from this food will not be what it could be due to natural causes. A person can digest a certain amount of food.

Very tricky secret that professional bodybuilders use.

We are talking about digestive enzymes, in our body food has certain digestion limits and most often these limits are most often limited by the amount of digestive enzymes.

Every nutrients that we eat (proteins, fats, carbohydrates) are digested through digestive enzymes. For the absorption of fat, we need lipases, for carbohydrates, amylases, for proteins, proteases. For each type of nutrient, we have the appropriate type of enzymes that digest them.

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Proteases are very important because these enzymes are responsible for protein digestion. This thing is very effective, if we are talking about nutrition, the use of food enzymes is one of the most important and serious secrets of success. Because you can eat a large amount of food, but it will not be assimilated very well. Enzymes help to fight this, the percentage of returns from enzymes is amazing.

Caution! Food enzymes are very active biological substances and if they are eaten more than what is written on the package, then it is easy to achieve such a situation that the mucosa of your stomach will be digested, so be careful. Use the number of enzymes is what is written in the instructions – no longer means better.

Variety of pharmacy enzymes

Pancreatin (for better protein digestion)

Festal (for better fat absorption)

Abomin (very well taken while drying the body)

Full video about natural bodybuilding from Denis Borisov

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